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eskapo [2009.01.12]

eskapo pilipinas tour 2009
12 january 2009

benefit gig on september 24.



tom’s story – 68 days

idb stuido/bar
14 december 2014

tom’s story

Dennis “MotMot” Matibag Memorial Fund

Philippine Fundraisers and Benefit Shows: Donation Drive: Dennis ‘Motmot’ Matibag Memorial Fund.

malicious birth – live at third world dopesick

malicious birth’s live set at third world dopesick
light & space contemporary
29 september 2012

1. Dictator
2. II
3. Mental Auschwitz
4. Inhale Death

recorded live by sannee.crapsalad

malicious birth

download. listen. share.

malicious birth picture by alex dela cruz

crapsalad mixtape #1

this was a freebie from last night’s gig (grand hotel paradox’s first show for their 2nd southeast asia tour).

01. Ginseng Luzon – Separation Anxiety [idb bar/studio, 2012.05.12]
02. Bad Omen – The Bad King [ten02 bar, 2009.08.29]
03. The Diary Of The Old Mango Tree – This Is Our Time [b-side, 2011.04.07]
04. Killratio – Made By Hand [cuerdas bar, 2009.08.07]
05. Monochrome – The Hand That Rules The World [b-side, 2011.06.22]
06. Sunday Driven Holiday – A Song For Richard [idb bar/studio, 2011.11.19]
07. Bystorm – Ebanghelyo [ten02 bar, 2012.04.08]
08. Walk Me Home – Aurora And I [idb bar/studio, 2012.01.21]
09. Legarda – Go To Sleep [b-side, 2012.04.12]
10. The Boxers – Attitude (Bad Brains) [cowabunga bar, 2012.05.12]
11. Neverdie – Honesty [idb bar/studio, 2012.03.24]
12. Grand Hotel Paradox – The Lime Hasn’t Fallen Far From The Tree [amnesia bar, 2011.06.25]

live recordings ripped from the crapsalad videos archive except for track 10 (courtesy of jay yator/the boxers).

recorded live by sannee crapsalad. remixed by joe hernandez of ginseng luzon.

download. listen. share.

asawhole – building structures

asawhole – building structures
this is asawhole’s latest and final mix of their unreleased cd ‘building structures’. i’m not really good with adjectives and/or reviews so just download it and give it a listen. you can also watch the video below if you have no idea who these guys are. you can also preview the tracks at their myspace.

this post also commemorates peter’s birthday today. he would’ve been 27 years old.

the band played three shows in luzon (pasig, cavite & laguna) last 2009. below is a link to an iso of their dvd i made from their set at cuerdas bar. here’s a preview:

download links:
asawhole – building structures

new logo?

anyone willing to help out with a new logo for crapsalad? for free? 😀

wassup rockers!

first post. i had a wordpress site on a free webhost. unfortunately, i’ve been unable to update it. it keeps on giving me a ‘bad request’ error so the hell with it. starting june of this year, this will be the home of crapsalad videos. content will mostly be flyers of local gigs and videos from the crapsalad vault. i might post the old videos here too in case the old site becomes totally inaccessible. enjoy and keep coming back… cheers

p.s. if you wanna see the old site, click ==>