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livetrax: killratio – b.n.p.

livetrax: blanix live at idb 2012.07.28

livetrax: legarda – crapsalad sessions

livetrax: ginseng luzon (live at idb 05.12.2012)

live recording of ginseng luzon‘s set at idb last 12 may 2012.

livetrax: tiger pussy (live at idb 2013.04.26)

live recording of tiger pussy‘s set at idb last 26 april 2013.

stream or download.

livetrax: nuclear punishment – the guest list

nuclear punishment

livetrax: goo – thing of the past


livetrax: the diary of the old mango tree – this is who we are

the diary of the old mango tree

livetrax: the skeleton years – make up, break up

the skeleton years

livetrax: the skeleton years (2012.12.21)

live recording of the skeleton years‘ debut performance at idb last 21 december 2012.

stream or download.